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SKINmas clinical skincare

Face Polish Cloths x2

Face Polish Cloths x2

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SKINmas Clinical Skincare Polish Cloth


These face polish cloths are designed for all skin types.

Incredibly soft fiber is technology advanced to remove makeup and dirt with just water.

It exfoliates as it cleans while being extremely gentle on the skin.

Promotes healthy fresh glowing complexion.

Will not disrupt the acid mantle on the skin’s surface. Keeping this beneficial barrier intact, it aids the skin in protecting itself from harmful and invasive bacteria.

Made from the latest technology micro-fibers ensure they are gentle on the skin but can lift surface oils and makeup – including waterproof products.

They come in packs of two, so while one is in the wash the other is ready to continue with your skincare routine.

SKINmas Clinical Skincare Polish Cloths are extremely effective, reusable, economical, and chemical-free. 
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