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SKINmas clinical skincare

Lip Procedure Aftercare Kit

Lip Procedure Aftercare Kit

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SKINmas Clinical Skincare Lip Procedure Aftercare Kit


Provides perfect nourishment for your after-lip procedure

Proven ingredients provide the following benefits: • Vitamin K1 @ 0.1% - reduces the bruising and healing time and accelerates bruising clearance

Vitamin B5 @ 2% - promotes wound healing, reduces itching & inflammation 

Natural Vitamin E @ 1.5% - anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and photo-protective benefits 

Powerful oil-based antioxidants, emollients, zinc oxide, and allantoin help to soothe irritated skin, restore skin hydration & provide a protective barrier while the delicate lip skin is healing.

SKINmas Lip Procedure Aftercare Kit assists in improved outcomes and reduced discomfort after lip filler procedures or cosmetic tattooing.

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