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SKINmas clinical skincare

GLOW KIT - 2x Polish Cloths + Refine Gel Cleanser

GLOW KIT - 2x Polish Cloths + Refine Gel Cleanser

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SKINmas Clinical Skincare Glow Kit


Refine Gel cleanser and two SKINmas polish cloths and Travel Bag


SKINmas has created a cleansing special just for you. Save $30 when you purchase this pack online and achieve beautiful, clean skin. 

These products work hand in hand to eliminate free radicals from your skin and easily remove stubborn makeup. 

You wouldn't wash your car with your hand so why would you with your face? The polish cloth is a technologically advanced microfibre that is soft and fine on one side and slightly more coarse on the other for a more thorough clean when required. 

Adding the Refine Gel Cleanser adds essential oils to the clean and helps rehabilitate the skin without stripping back all the skin's good properties. The Gel Cleanser works with your skin to provide the perfect ecosystem for skin cells to thrive.  

This should be the first step in your skincare routine and is the perfect foundation to create beautiful skin.  

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